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Prepare your Fall Garden for Cold Months to Come  1

Falling LeavesFall is spent mostly outdoor because of the perfect temperature and autumn colors are breath-taking. Fall is also the best time to prepare your home for winter. There are a lot of important things to do that you might end up forgetting about your garden. Like your home, it is essential to make your garden ready for the cold months.

It will just take a few minutes of your time to winterize your garden. A large job can be cut into series of small tasks, and through this you can get a lot of things done even before winter comes.

Recover from Summer

After summer, it is time for you to repair the damage the heat has brought to your garden. Fall is the best time to feed or fertilize your garden and this will give time for your garden to recover. You have to make sure your garden is well and healthy before winter.

It also means that your garden would be healthier and more attractive when spring comes. You can stop by a gardening store for this task.

Re-seed Your Garden

Reseeding your garden specifically your lawn will keep it attractive year after year. You simply have to use a fine quality of grass seed and make use of the seed spreader. After seeding them you can use fertilizer for better results.

After you have re-seed the damaged spots of your lawns make sure you water them every day. This is to make sure your grass seed will germinate.

Tidy Up

If you have a vegetable or flower garden, then you have to tidy up things before winter days arrive. You can pull up the vegetable in the garden that has finished bearing. Pull off the weeds that have germinated.

Early time of fall is the perfect time to trim perennials and shrubs. You can ask the help of a garden expert to make the proper cutting of these plants so they will still grow healthy.

Cover Them Up

Most people use mulch to cover up their fragile or new plants in order for them to survive the winter months. This is very essential for areas that receive a massive snow or extremely cold weather.

Your plants need special care to last until spring. You can wrap them up with burlap while there are plants that you need to dig up to be placed inside protected from the cold weather.

Spring Bulbs and Flowers

You should plant spring bulbs as many as you can in the fall. You should also plant flowers like crocus plants, tulips and daffodils. Pansy’s and asters are colorful yet classic fall flowers that add character and appeal to your garden.

You can also add some bright peppers and harvest them when the season ends. You can you have them in delicious and healthy ways. Through this, you will ensure your yard would still be appealing and colorful when spring comes.

Falling leaves is a big headache for homeowners. However, make the most of it and use them to compost as treatment for your spring garden. Compost is good for the garden and these dried leaves have nutrients that your garden needs.

Pack the leaves into a bin and make sure you use it two or three times a week.  All your hard work will pay off when you see your garden blossom for spring. So before winter comes, make sure you have done all the preparations and your garden is protected from snow and cold temperature.

Trees & Shrubs to Add Beauty to Your Yard  9

landscapeIf you are thinking of ways to add beauty to your yard, there are few things that can give your yard a long-lasting and dramatic change – using trees & shrubs. These strong plants may grow slowly, butthey usually get quite large and come in a diverse set of sizes, colors and types. Depending onthe size and layout of your yard, they can be used in different ways to help improve the look of your yard.


While many people think of trees as being tall and large, there are also smaller trees which are excellent for landscaping. There are even trees which have colored leaves and flowers if you want to add extra creativity to your yard. Trees can be used in a variety of ways ranging from adding depth to the entire area, to giving additional color and even providing some additional shade and privacy.


Many people opt foradding multiple trees along the property line to give a more enclosed feelingto their yard. This can be used along with a fence or on its own to give some sense of security. It can be used as your boundary line, your own piece of privacy mark.

Tress grow comes in various types and varies in growth so make sure totake that into consideration when picking your trees. If you want to have a good amount of shade and privacy quickly, you’ll want to choose a tree which can grow several feet high every year.


Shrubs can seem similar to trees in some cases, but they are distinguished in a variety of ways. Theyoften have multiple stems and don’t grow nearly as high. Most shrubs are well under twenty feet talland often grow out wider than a tree would at that height. Many bushes are actually shrubs and theycan be used in many ways in your yard.


Some people choose to add these great plants for additional privacy, and they can even be combined with larger trees to get privacy both in the lower and higher ground. You can also add a shrub to just about any part of the yard for a great focal point. Some shrubs will have flowers onthem during certain times of the year which is always a benefit when it comes to landscaping.


Whether you choose trees or shrubs, or a combination of both for your yard, it is important to make surethat you plan it out wisely. Remember, both trees and shrubs have fairly large root systems so you need tomake sure they both have plenty of space. Planting them at the same time can help ensure they will do well even when placed fairly close together.

Consider the kind of maintenance that you will have to do to keep these plants and trees as a beautiful addition to your landscape. Take your time in choosing the right options in these twogreat categories and you won’t have any trouble at all.