About Navizo

colorful flowersAs I remember, I was a kid who really did some crazy things with plants. I would often tear the leaves off, put firecrackers and watch them pop, and my mom did not like it – not one bit of it. Of course, I did get punishment for my misbehavior towards those green things growing in the garden.


I grew up in a family that loves plants. My grandparents from my mom’s side have this big flower garden in the backyard where I used to play as a child. I really had that behavior of doing bad things with plants until my grandfather told me a story of how plants can get revenge at kids when they hurt them. I got scared even though I had that notion that my grandpa just made it up.


Since then I had changed – for the better. I loved plants and asked my mom if I could make my own garden in our backyard which she agreed on, and my passion for plants just grew bigger than most of my family members expected. Now, I am proud to say that I am a plant enthusiast and a true gardener by heart. And I want to share my knowledge and ideas to others regarding the topics of gardening, landscaping and issues about plants.


By the way, my name is Fred and I own this site. I created this site to share my gardening experience and expertise to those who want and are willing to know more about the “what’s” and “how’s” of gardening, landscaping and other plant-related issues that you may want to explore and dig deeper.


My site, Navizo.net (weird name I know, but it’s something you don’t forget easily) aims to help individuals and people who are into gardening and landscaping, and those who are planning to indulge in this hobby. In this site, you can share your thoughts and feelings towards your gardening and landscaping activity. This site will also bring about new ideas to gardening and landscaping enthusiasts with the articles that are well-researched and are based on my experience as a gardener and landscapist.


I have always believed that gardening is for everyone and anyone can start a garden. May this site be a guide to your journey in the wonderful world of gardening and landscaping!