Aquaponics: An Easy Way to Gardening  7

gardeningAquaponic gardening is one of the trending type of gardening these days. It might be a bit of different than the traditional garden but this is easy to prepare and you have a supply of fresh vegetables and even have different fishes. One reason why it is popular is you can grow up to 10 times the amount of plants than ordinary gardening.

Features of Aquaponic Garden

Aquaponic gardening is unlike hydroponics that produces water-tasting crops. Vegetables you grow in this garden are rich and tasty. What most gardeners love about this garden is you don’t need an expensive fertilizer in order to make your crops grow because the fishes will do the trick for you.

The fish will produce waste and this goes through ammonia process and turns to nitrate which combines with water. The water then goes to the garden bed and the plant gets the nutrients and finally, clean water is drained back to the fishing pond.

The two living organisms are dependent to each other and the process is entirely natural. There is balance since the fish provides nutrients the plants need, while the plants give clean water for the fish to survive. So completely, there are no chemicals involve that could harm the fish and your plants.

Aquaponic can be done any season of the year and you can even have it inside the comfort ofyour home. So you can surely have fresh supply of organic foodseven in the middle of winter days while your yard is covered with thick snow.

You can have different designs of garden that are suitable for your preferences. With aquaponics, you don’t have to supply it with water regularly but you will need to replenish the amount of water lost due to evaporation. Another benefit is you can easily eliminate the diseases and insects that could harm your plants.

Types of Fish

Homeowners can choose different species of fishes to grow in their garden. The popular choices are goldfish and Koi.

However, if you want your fish to be part of your dining menu, then the ideal choice would be tilapia. You can also have silver perch, Murray cod, largemouth, smallmouth bass and crappie.

Preparation of the Garden

gardenYou need two tanks to get started with this type of garden. If you plan to place it inside, then you may opt to choose beautifully-designed tanks.

Once you have put them in a suitable place, then you need PVC and submersible pump. Once everything is set, you need to add water, your fishes and the bacteria.

First you have to start the ammonia cycle in order for the water to support plant life. You only need to add bacteria and the rest will be up to the fish.

Make sure the process gets completed before you place your plants. The entire cycle usually takes three weeks.

Aquaponics gardening is easy and you can choose from a wide variety of vegetables to grow. Everything is organic in this system – water, fertilizer, process and your vegetables. It is healthy, eco-friendly and supplies you with fresh crops all-year round.

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