Beat the Heat: Tend your Garden this Summer  2

gardeningSummer is surely another gardening time. After the flowers have bloomed in spring after long months of winter, this hot season will surely be another busy time for gardening. The heat might cause drought in your garden which is why it is very important that you always check on your plants if there is insufficient water supply or if they have been receiving too much heat.

So here are some helpful tips for your garden to make it survive the hot season and still bloom until the next season arrives:

Get Rid of the Weeds

Weeds compete with your plants for water and nutrition. This is the reason why getting rid of them is the very first step. Make sure to check your plants very carefully if weeds are starting to grow in their roots.

Make a List of the Crops

Crop rotation is a healthy practice for many gardeners to avoid plant diseases and pests. You can also take a good picture or list down all the crops you have used for the year. This could help you make improvements for your garden especially with the location and crowding.

Water it Regularly

Evaporation is fast in extreme heat so soil sometimes loses most of its water during this season. So make sure that your soil and plants have enough water to withstand the heat. Also make sure to install timed sprinkles in your yard so it can water your lawn and plants in specific times of the day.

Harvest your Crops

Crops such as beans and squash should be harvested before they become too large. Instead of storing the excess for the next season supply, you can sell them in the local market or have them donated to the community or churches. It would be great if you help people who need food the most.

Make Compost

If you already prepared your compost during the spring, then you can use it to treat your soil for the summer. Plants would definitely need a lot of nutrients from the soil this hot season and this will aerate your soil for better moisture.

Start collecting dried leaves and weeds in your garden and keep them dry for fast rotting. Make sure to put them all in a bin where they can decompose naturally. This compost might ready for the next season or as preparation for gardening in late summer.

Avoid Pruning

Pruning your trees and plants before the season changes should be avoided. But you can cut down the branches that might break when strong wind blows. If the tender branches are exposed to harsh conditions after you have pruned it, it could damage the whole tree or plant.

Tending your Lawn

gardeningThe heat might greatly damage your lawn which is why it is essential that you water it regularly and sprinkle it with fertilizer. Aerate it 6 weeks before the growing season so that it can still grow and recover before the cold season arrives.

Continue Tending your Soil

Mixing mulch in your soil for your vegetables and flower beds is essential for growth and development of the garden. Mulch is important for your garden to suppress the growing weeds and for the soil to maintain its moisture. When this organic matter decomposes, your soil will be fertile and healthy to support plant life.

Clean up your Garden

This is very important especially after you have done some gardening work in your yard. Grass cutting and dried leaves left in the garden can attract insects and pests that could damage your garden. This is also an ideal preparation for the next season

Give your Plants Enough Nutrients

Due to heat and insufficient nutrients, leaves of the plants tend to go yellow so you must tend to its needs. Make sure the soil have proper iron content that your plants need in order to survive. As a gardener, you should be able to give all the nutrients that your plants need in order for them to bloom even in hot weather.

Most importantly, your garden needs all your love and care in order to grow and be healthy until the season changes. Aside from winter, summer is also the season you should pay attention to your plants and yard. Brown parts in your lush garden are definitely an eyesore so make sure to follow the steps above to have a green and blooming garden even in summer.

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