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Trees & Shrubs to Add Beauty to Your Yard  9

landscapeIf you are thinking of ways to add beauty to your yard, there are few things that can give your yard a long-lasting and dramatic change – using trees & shrubs. These strong plants may grow slowly, butthey usually get quite large and come in a diverse set of sizes, colors and types. Depending onthe size and layout of your yard, they can be used in different ways to help improve the look of your yard.


While many people think of trees as being tall and large, there are also smaller trees which are excellent for landscaping. There are even trees which have colored leaves and flowers if you want to add extra creativity to your yard. Trees can be used in a variety of ways ranging from adding depth to the entire area, to giving additional color and even providing some additional shade and privacy.


Many people opt foradding multiple trees along the property line to give a more enclosed feelingto their yard. This can be used along with a fence or on its own to give some sense of security. It can be used as your boundary line, your own piece of privacy mark.

Tress grow comes in various types and varies in growth so make sure totake that into consideration when picking your trees. If you want to have a good amount of shade and privacy quickly, you’ll want to choose a tree which can grow several feet high every year.


Shrubs can seem similar to trees in some cases, but they are distinguished in a variety of ways. Theyoften have multiple stems and don’t grow nearly as high. Most shrubs are well under twenty feet talland often grow out wider than a tree would at that height. Many bushes are actually shrubs and theycan be used in many ways in your yard.


Some people choose to add these great plants for additional privacy, and they can even be combined with larger trees to get privacy both in the lower and higher ground. You can also add a shrub to just about any part of the yard for a great focal point. Some shrubs will have flowers onthem during certain times of the year which is always a benefit when it comes to landscaping.


Whether you choose trees or shrubs, or a combination of both for your yard, it is important to make surethat you plan it out wisely. Remember, both trees and shrubs have fairly large root systems so you need tomake sure they both have plenty of space. Planting them at the same time can help ensure they will do well even when placed fairly close together.

Consider the kind of maintenance that you will have to do to keep these plants and trees as a beautiful addition to your landscape. Take your time in choosing the right options in these twogreat categories and you won’t have any trouble at all.

Bird Friendly Gardening  1

bird friendly gardeningMany gardeners absolutely hate it when birds find their way into their garden. They will obviously eat the seeds and can damage the plants as they grow. Other people, however, love watching birds so they don’t mind when they fly into their homes. As a matter of fact, some even like it. There is a way to have a thriving garden which also brings in many birds to watch as long as you plan it out carefully.

Birds Say No to Veggies

The first thing to note is that birds don’t like many types of vegetables. Having a vegetable garden will be most convenient if you want to have birds around, since you don’t need to worry about birds eating your garden. You can choose a variety of fruits and vegetables that you like but birds don’t, so you can make sure that you get a good harvest from your garden.

You can then combine these with plants that birds do enjoy so you can help encourage them to come visit your yard. Things like corn and berries are delicious for birds so consider adding them even if you don’t really want to harvest and eat them.

Feed the Birds

If you don’t want the birds to eat your garden and not scare them away either, you need to keep in mind that just about all animals will eat the food which is easiest for them to get to first. To attract birds, you can put up several bird feeders in and around your garden. They will fly in for the food and they will ignore most of the plants since they will have easier access to the bird feeders.

One of the nicest things about bird feeders is that you can purchase specific types of bird feeders and bird food to attract the types of birds you want to see most. If for example, you like humming birds and they are naturally found in your area, you can put up a humming bird feeder. Many types of birds can eat out of a traditional feeder so you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of different birds even from just one feeder.

If your bird feeder runs out of food however, it is important to know that the birds will just fly down to your garden and start eating the seeds and vegetables closer to the ground. Most plants can survive without a problem from a few birds, but if there are too many it can cause some significant problems. It is important therefore to make sure that your bird feeders are full so you can avoid this problem entirely.