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Random Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden  7

 A great garden won’t look fascinating without proper plant setup and other garden fixtures. Landscaping harmonizes everything in your garden from the color, texture, materials and plants. It is important that you have a plan on how to modify the look of your garden or backyard, and creative ideas always do the trick.

This article will share lots of ideas that will help you achieve the look you want if you plan to spruce up the appeal of your garden. Keep in mind that every garden is unique – one feature won’t necessarily work with others. So only choose a landscape style that will add appeal on your area.

  • Greet Guests with Flowers – a garden will look absolutely different and lovely with lots of flowers around. Not everyone has a wide garden to grow flowers so maximize space by dividing them. Sometimes edging can add texture to the garden. In small areas however, you can use low growing plants, so it’s plants on plants.


  • Driveway Magic – don’t compromise the beauty of your driveway. A good curb will surely get attention from guests and family. If you know how to combine the right plants and materials you can change your unattractive driveway into an appealing one.


  • Grow Perennials – if you are just starting up with your garden and you are not familiar on how to grow them well, the best thing to plant are perennial plants. They are not as sensitive as other garden flowers. They last long and don’t need extra attention.


  • Combine Low and High Plants – Create elevation in your garden. Good combination of low growing colorful flowers with raised planters will not only make a sea of beautiful garden but a good way to save water. Flowing waters from aerated beds will go directly to another sets of flowers – no waste water.


  • Hide Unattractive Outdoor Structures – when planning for a landscape, focus on areas that need attention – patios, garages and sheds. You can hide them by growing beautiful sets of shrubs and flowers. Adding some planters and potted plants can help. Large and bushy plants usually will do the transformation possible.


  • Plant all-year-round Flowers – Enjoy flowering plants all year round by determining what kinds of flowers are possible to grow in a specific season. For this to work in your garden, treat them with constant care as they are susceptible to die whenever the season changes.


  • Don’t Forget the Crawlers – Add beauty to the charm of your garden by adding the sexy crawlers. They are amazing in making any garden lovely and unique. If well maintained, these crawlers can complement all plants in your garden. Plus, they grow anywhere – trellis, fence and other growing plants.


  • Planter Boxes – who said container boxes are not trendy? In this time, if you know where to purchase the right custom made planter for your garden, it will surely add another texture and dimension. On the other hand, these planter boxes can be installed on your outdoor structures – windows, patios and garage.

Landscape design and constructions are exciting and challenging. The secret in making any boring garden is the right combinations of flowers and fixtures. Also, do not be afraid to experiment and create your own style. Anyway, your garden reflects who you truly are and a good medium to showcase your creativity.

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Garden Terrace as your Private Place in your Landscape  12

A garden terrace is your perfect addition to your landscaping project. Garden terraces come in different forms, shapes and designs which you can incorporate even in limited space. You can have rooftop garden which is common in urban area or a secluded patio like in rural areas.

One can have their own garden terrace in their garden if you plan it well and with some helpful tips. Here are several tips on how to get started with your garden terrace:

Garden terrace is the extension of your house

One goal of garden terrace is to serve as the extension of your house. This beautiful small garden serves as your outdoor space for small gathering or a place where you can have time for yourself.


While designing your terrace, think of it as peaceful place where one can read a book, have coffee or just sit down and fully embrace the wonderful sight and smell of your garden and landscape. You also have to consider the space where you will put your terrace. You can have tables, chairs or benches in your design.

Consider your Environment

Make sure to take into account the environment when you are planning your terrace. If you are working on a rooftop terrace, then make sure your plants, shrubs or other features do not block your beautiful view. If you feel you want to achieve a more secured and private terrace, then you can make use of natural or man-made barriers.


Most garden terrace is designed to have your own world away from reality. You can use vines, shrubs or trees to create your temporary escape you long for.

Choose you Plants

Once you have sketched your own garden terrace, it is time to choose the plant suited your terrace design. Location is an important factor to consider. A backyard terrace has large opportunities that an apartment terrace but still you can incorporate greeneries in order to soften the edges of your terrace.


As mentioned, you can use vines and hanging plants. They are perfect for creating privacy and also to cover up walls, concrete and ledges. Make sure to put everything like you always wanted for your garden terrace. This can enhance your landscape and garden as well.

Install the Hardscape

Plants do a very good job in beautifying you landscape but also don’t forget about the hardscape. It brings balance to your overall design. Make sure to incorporate them in an appealing way to achieve a functional and aesthetic garden.

Seek the help of a Professional

Installing a garden terrace or creating your terrace design should be consulted to a professional landscape designer. It must fit your space, needs and most especially, your personality. Taking the advice of a pro will help you create a terrace garden than you can fully enjoy for many years


Garden terrace is definitely a good choice to enhance your garden. It can be a place where you want your friends or family to have quality time or an area where you can be yourself and have some private time in your busy schedule.


A garden has a calming effect to people and which makes a garden terrace the perfect place where you could sit and relax. A garden terrace is the most wonderful design you can have in your garden improving your overall landscape.