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Color your Garden to Bring Life and Meaning to It

Color breathes life to anything. For kids, it marks their imagination growth and for gardeners, color is creativity and a good way of expressing yourself.


The gardening color palette, if used well, can create an interesting and appealing combination of seasonal colors of your plants. It is important that you select your plants carefully in creating a sequential effect that will greatly enhance your landscape.

Plants are selected according to the needed condition and types. Like designing your home’s interior, color scheme is essential to achieve appealing results and also bring joy and comfort to you family and visitors.


Color Wheel


Color wheel was a pretty sight way back in grade school, but it is also a useful tool in creating art projects. The color wheel is a great tool to choose the perfect combination of color to your garden.


  • Green – Primary Color

Green color is the main color in the garden. It is the hue that should stand out in all hues and shades in your landscape. It is the only color that you should enhance, complement or contrast.


  • Primary Colors

The primary colors are blue, yellow and red and they are used as the primary theme for your garden. It is essential that you don’t mix these colors. You can go to a garden supply store and look for blue stones, yellow sand or red clay.


  • Secondary Colors

As green is mentioned as the primary color, orange and purple are the remaining ones in secondary hues. When combined with any primary color, you give emphasize to a certain primary hue as the theme.


Even if you make green as your primary or secondary color, you won’t have to worry matching the colors. You can nurture the green grass instead to make the color green stand out the most.

  • Complementary colors

A complementary color is the direct opposite of a certain color. Blue complements orange as well as purple to yellow and vice versa. Just make sure the materials you use will not overpower the overall landscape.


Too bright materials can make the green shrubs do little in improving the landscape. Keep in mind complementary colors should blend in well with each other.


  • Warm and Cool Hues

Red, yellow and orange are warm colors and they make your garden warm during sunset. Remember that blue and green are cool hues and when combined with red and yellow respectively will look warmer.


However, red with blue color and yellow with green hue are cooler than warmer. Purple and orange are ones that only stick to their respective groups.


Colors in Winter Days


Maintaining color in your garden is difficult during colder months especially it is the time trees, plants and flowers seems to dry up and lose their leaves. In areas like Texas, the winters are mild so it is one area where you can see blossoming flowers even in winter days.

However, it is possible to keep the colors of your plants in winter months. You just have to know plants that can withstand the cold weather in your area. If you consider studying different plants and select them according to condition they need, then you will have a colorful garden all year round.


Use our imagination to create color combinations and schemes that will enhance your overall landscape. A one-color scheme could bring in a striking appearance while green with its shades could bring an appealing texture to your garden.

Creativity in the garden is essential to achieve a dramatic yet pleasing impact to people. Also colors of your garden should complement the season – warm colors during summer and spring, orange colors during autumn and cool colors during winter. Playing well with colors can create a comfortable and seasonal outdoor environment for your property.


Landscaping Ideas: Opt for a Romantic Garden Haven  21

You don’t have be in a romantic mood to create your own garden haven. There are limitless ways to landscape your garden or patio into a fairy tale appeal. By having your own, you can be the wandering character of snow white passionately looking for her prince charming. Or if you already have one, then setting up a date in your garden is a great idea.


Landscaping is both tricky and enticing. To come up with great ideas, reading magazines and checking sites online can help. Also, this article will give you simple tips in landscaping your enchanted dream garden. Setting up walkways is usually the secret in making the whole setup dramatic and enthralling.


Divide Your Yard into Zones

Zoning is dividing your yard into different sections. If you have a vast garden, separating the blooming flowers from grasses using a tough edging style can create texture – use concrete or colorful flagstone pieces.


Bushes and trees properly arranged and uniformly spaced can create a forest-like appeal. The main strategy for both sides to meet is the pathway. Your pathway must be designed in a way that you are walking along lovely flowers on the side leading towards a pristine forest.


Wooden Walkway

The material in building walkways in your garden can set the mood of the landscape. Wood is softer and fragile compare to concrete, bricks and stone pieces. This can be a perfect material for your walkways instead of the usual rock slabs. This style seems traditional with nature appeal. Create straight wooden walkways or make twisting pathways to have mysterious hidden sections.


Moreover, hanging lanterns along the wooden walkways make it more romantic. It adds charm to the overall ambiance. At night when all lanterns are lighted, the view will be scenic.


Arbor Design

Your garden doesn’t have to be wide for it to become majestic like those in grand English royalty movies. If you notice that the entrance of the garden makes it totally different, you can focus in that section. Install a rustic arbor in the entrance – cover it with vines and blooming hanging plants. In this way when you enter, you feel like a princess with royal guards lining up alongside.


Cover the walkway to your garden with smoothly-paved pebbles for normal gait. In this kind of garden, choosing the right flowers to plant is essential as this will help in constructing a romantic ambiance. To add a drama, you can also create a simple circular structure in the middle of the garden, for focal purposes.


Wild Garden Look

A bending gravel pathway edged with rocks and stones towards your wild garden appear mystic. Combination of shrubs, trees and group of perennials can create this natural garden. Everything doesn’t have to be uniform, contrasting appeal of each plant can add to the wild-garden-effect.


Classic and Neat

Like the usual park where couple would love to sit for a coffee afternoon, this can be imitated in your own yard. Well-maintained low grass covered lawn with beds of perennials on the edge create that relaxing feeling. Adding a bench or maybe a couple seat will complete the look.


Nearby, you can create a winding walkway of bricks for an easy walk. To add appeal, border the walkway with the same bricks arranged vertically side by side. In this landscaping project, grasses or low covering plants are the main factor to be considered for a clean classy effect.


In this modern day, classic and fairy tale-themed garden are still trendy. It just takes a little inspiration to be able to create the garden you want. Promising landscaping ideas are essential before starting the project. Choosing the right plants and materials for the construction are the secrets to successfully create your romantic-feel garden.

Healthy and Green: How to Maintain your Organic Garden?  13

Gardening might be confusing especially if you are a beginner. However, you can find a lot of blogs and articles online talking about simple tricks that prepare you for gardening.

gardeningOrganic garden is one of the famous types of garden that most homeowners choose to grow on their backyard. They are beneficial since one can harvest their own vegetables and fruits in time. So you and your family can have fresh and healthy supply of these organic products straight from your backyard.

Tips to Retain a Healthy Garden

Choose your Location

Location is essential for your garden’s survival. Make sure the area receives fair amount of sunlight during the morning and it is not exposed to strong winds when the weather turns bad. Once you have chosen the area, it is time to take care of elements that will make it an effective garden for your plants.

Tending the Soil

This is an essential step to start your organic garden since this is where your plants will get their nutrients for survival. It is also used by the plants for support so make sure it is well-conditioned, healthy and treated with organic fertilizer.

Make sure to give time for your soil to absorb all the treatments. When it is ready, it is time to plant your greenery.

Choose your Plants

While waiting for your soil to be in good condition to support plant life, you have to choose your plants. Start with the vegetables. Include the ones you always use for cooking or you could also have variety of vegetables that you can sell in the market after you have harvested them.

With growing vegetables on your backyard, you don’t have to spend time and money going to the market. If you need anything, you just walk into your backyard and pick the vegetables you need.

As for the flowers, make sure you know how to combine the colors in order to create colorful and appealing flower gardens. Make sure you know the necessities and conditions of each plant you choose to assure their survival.

Prepare your Tools

Keep your garden tools handy. Makes sure you have a large container so your tools will be organized in one place.

Keep gloves, shears and trowels in arms’ reach to work fast and easy. Maintenance is essential to keep your garden healthy.

gardeningShade Garden

Include shade garden in your backyard. It is ideal for beginners since it is easy to maintain and do not need much sunlight.

A shade garden can do well by itself and still look good for your garden. This will help you get started with your lush garden.

Protect your Plants from Harsh Conditions

Strong and cold winds during the winter can greatly affect the growth of your plants. You can place your garden inside your house or garage and another option is to protect them from extreme weather by covering them up with your sheets or tent. There are numerous ways you can properly cover up your plants during the winter days so they can survive until spring.

Raising your Beds

There are different materials to use on how to raise your beds for proper water drainage system. You can use stone, brick and wood in order to make sturdy raised beds.

When you choose to use woods, make sure they are resistant to rot and they are not chemically-treated. This could damage the health of your plants especially if you have vegetables on the garden bed.

Put Organic Fertilizer

Organic materials such as manure and mulch should be mixed well with the soil in garden beds. Aside from being essential for the conditioning of your soil, it also keeps the weeds away and the soil can maintain moisture essential for the survival of the plants, so your flowers are healthy and blooming all-year long.

Prevent Mildew

In order to avoid mildew, one should spray plants with mixture of water and milk. Make sure milk is only a little part of the mixture.

This condition can damage your plants so you have to act immediately. Make sure to spray the mixture until the mildew disappears.

Harvest Time

Make sure you harvest on time so insects and other pests will not have the first bite on your hard work. Make sure to pick up the ripe ones and be careful in cutting them down from the plants so they can continue to grow and give you a good harvest every time.

In order to maintain healthy and fresh home-grown vegetables, fruits and flowers, you should follow these simple steps on how to take care of your garden and your plants.

Prepare your Fall Garden for Cold Months to Come  1

Falling LeavesFall is spent mostly outdoor because of the perfect temperature and autumn colors are breath-taking. Fall is also the best time to prepare your home for winter. There are a lot of important things to do that you might end up forgetting about your garden. Like your home, it is essential to make your garden ready for the cold months.

It will just take a few minutes of your time to winterize your garden. A large job can be cut into series of small tasks, and through this you can get a lot of things done even before winter comes.

Recover from Summer

After summer, it is time for you to repair the damage the heat has brought to your garden. Fall is the best time to feed or fertilize your garden and this will give time for your garden to recover. You have to make sure your garden is well and healthy before winter.

It also means that your garden would be healthier and more attractive when spring comes. You can stop by a gardening store for this task.

Re-seed Your Garden

Reseeding your garden specifically your lawn will keep it attractive year after year. You simply have to use a fine quality of grass seed and make use of the seed spreader. After seeding them you can use fertilizer for better results.

After you have re-seed the damaged spots of your lawns make sure you water them every day. This is to make sure your grass seed will germinate.

Tidy Up

If you have a vegetable or flower garden, then you have to tidy up things before winter days arrive. You can pull up the vegetable in the garden that has finished bearing. Pull off the weeds that have germinated.

Early time of fall is the perfect time to trim perennials and shrubs. You can ask the help of a garden expert to make the proper cutting of these plants so they will still grow healthy.

Cover Them Up

Most people use mulch to cover up their fragile or new plants in order for them to survive the winter months. This is very essential for areas that receive a massive snow or extremely cold weather.

Your plants need special care to last until spring. You can wrap them up with burlap while there are plants that you need to dig up to be placed inside protected from the cold weather.

Spring Bulbs and Flowers

You should plant spring bulbs as many as you can in the fall. You should also plant flowers like crocus plants, tulips and daffodils. Pansy’s and asters are colorful yet classic fall flowers that add character and appeal to your garden.

You can also add some bright peppers and harvest them when the season ends. You can you have them in delicious and healthy ways. Through this, you will ensure your yard would still be appealing and colorful when spring comes.

Falling leaves is a big headache for homeowners. However, make the most of it and use them to compost as treatment for your spring garden. Compost is good for the garden and these dried leaves have nutrients that your garden needs.

Pack the leaves into a bin and make sure you use it two or three times a week.  All your hard work will pay off when you see your garden blossom for spring. So before winter comes, make sure you have done all the preparations and your garden is protected from snow and cold temperature.