Color your Garden with Flowering Shrubs  157

gardeningShrubs are not just mere greenery in your landscape.They are additional asset to your garden. Shrubs such as blueberd, lilac and roses bring color, beauty and texture making your garden alive. Here are some reasons why you should have shrubs in your garden:

  • They bring color and beauty to you garden every season of the year
  • Maintenance is not time consuming
  • They are easy to tend
  • There is a large selection of shrubs you can choose from

There are some shrubs that do not need much effort to maintain or care for. They are easy to grow without much attention from you. Here are some best shrub choices to get you started with your garden.

  1. Rock Rose –It effortlessly adds color to your garden. They come in beautiful colors such as purple, pink, white and lavender. It easily grows and needs a little attention from you. It can grow up to 5 feet and can resist drought so this is perfect for the summer season
  2. Blueberd Shrub–This blue blossom is perfect for late summer. Like rock rose, it can tolerate drought and heat and it grows easily. It has really beautiful bushes that can even attract butterflies and birds.
    You can use it as a décor to beautify your home. Make sure to place it in an area where it receives full sunlight and a well-drained soil so you can have healthy growing Blueberd shrub.
  3. Spirea–It is most popular in city homes, commercial buildings and restaurants. This flowering blossom offers raspberry-red color and golden foliage. With little maintenance, it brings beauty and color to your garden and home.
  4. Hydrangea Shrub – This shrub is perfect for autumn and summer. It blooms with different colors of flowers depending on the pH level of the soil.
    Basic soil produces pink flowers while acidic results to blue flowers. White flowers means they are not affected by pH level but they are still beautiful flowering shrubs. Like Blueberd shrub, it should receive full sunlight and well-drained soil. It can grow up to 10 feet.
  5. Forsythia Shrub–It is one of the favorite shrubs and it grows easily. It can be planted in different soil types but it grows best in loose soil. You may have to prune it occasionally after it has flowered. It can grow up to 8-12 feet with arching or upright branches. During early spring, it blossoms with yellow flowers.

Make sure you survey your whole yard to determine where is the perfect spot you can grow your shrubs. Some shrubs love the sunshine so you must place them in an area where they receive the morning sun while some love the shade so placing them under the trees or inside your house is ideal.

You must do a thorough research on each one of your shrubs so you can determine the condition, season and type of soil it needs to flourish healthy and beautiful flowers all-year round. With the right knowledge, you can incorporate the beauty of shrubs to your garden.

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