Exercise your Green Thumb even Indoors  1

gardeningPeople who live in urban cities dream of having their own backyard but they have limited space in their apartment. Gardening has been one of the favorite hobbies of many people these days. Not only it could enhance the interiors of your place, but also it has that relaxing effect after a busy day at work. If you are think gardening is impossible indoors, then you are wrong.

One solution to your dilemma is container gardening. This is ideal if you arejust a newbie in the gardening world or for people who have experience but does not have enough space in their place.

Using a container, you can create your own garden and you can place it anywhere you want – windowsill, rooftop, doorstep, balcony and even in the stairs. If you long for the clean air and calmness plants give, then container gardening is the answer.

Before we talk about the important tips on setting up your garden container, you should know about the amazing benefits of this type of gardening.

  • Fantastic Décor

You have full control of the container you want to use and the design of each one. This could enhance the interior design of your apartment and a lovely addition to your decors. If you have the skills, you can design your containers to make it blend in with the overall design.

  • Containers are Flexible

There are a lot of different sizes of containers you can choose from to fit them anywhere in the house. There are numerous ways you can incorporate your container garden in your limited space. So setting up does not take much of your time and effort but still it looks great.

  • You have Fresh Supply of Vegetables All-Year Long

Since you placed them indoors, you can protect them from harsh conditions. So even winter or summer, you can have a fresh supply of vegetables and herbs for your cooking and even have blooming flowers.

  • You have Total Control of the Environment

In indoor gardening, you have full control of the temperature, soil types, water quantity and even sunlight. Also you protect them from pests and diseases.

Now that you know the importance of having this garden inside your house, it is time for some tips on how to choose the best container for your garden. This is essential since this container will be the home of your plants for the coming years and this where they get the nutrients they need for survival.

1.    Size really does matter

There should be enough space for the roots of your plants to grow so you should consider the size when choosing your container. If you plan to have herbs or just one vegetable, then choose small containers.

However, if you have enough space for larger container for your fruits and vegetables, then choose one that fits enough in that space. You can visit a local garden store to look for good quality of containers for your garden.

2.    Drill it with Holes

gardeningIt is essential that your container have drainage holes to avoid water to accumulate in your container and drown your plants or damage the soil. Recycling some household items such as glass container would not be a good idea. Make sure you choose the materials depending on its durability when drilled.

3.    Choose Lightweight Materials

One must choose containers made from synthetic materials. They are light, cheap, easy to clean and portable.

These materials can be molded to anything you want to and you can even design and color them to look like expensive ones. Make sure to choose the right design for the interiors of your house.

4.    Seal your Wooden Container

If you choose wooden containers, then you must remember to seal it or it will easily rot. There are woods such as walnut redwood, cedar that are rot-resistant. You can even make your own wooden container if you have the skill.

Container gardening is not that difficult if you have the right knowledge and tools in setting it up. From herbs to fruits, one can have endless choices of plants to put in your container so make sure to choose well. Just make sure they receive enough necessities such as water, air and nutrients from the soil.

Even if you have a limited space in your home, you can still do your hobby and make use of green thumb abilities. Remember to be creative in creating your own container garden.

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