Healthy and Green: How to Maintain your Organic Garden?  13

Gardening might be confusing especially if you are a beginner. However, you can find a lot of blogs and articles online talking about simple tricks that prepare you for gardening.

gardeningOrganic garden is one of the famous types of garden that most homeowners choose to grow on their backyard. They are beneficial since one can harvest their own vegetables and fruits in time. So you and your family can have fresh and healthy supply of these organic products straight from your backyard.

Tips to Retain a Healthy Garden

Choose your Location

Location is essential for your garden’s survival. Make sure the area receives fair amount of sunlight during the morning and it is not exposed to strong winds when the weather turns bad. Once you have chosen the area, it is time to take care of elements that will make it an effective garden for your plants.

Tending the Soil

This is an essential step to start your organic garden since this is where your plants will get their nutrients for survival. It is also used by the plants for support so make sure it is well-conditioned, healthy and treated with organic fertilizer.

Make sure to give time for your soil to absorb all the treatments. When it is ready, it is time to plant your greenery.

Choose your Plants

While waiting for your soil to be in good condition to support plant life, you have to choose your plants. Start with the vegetables. Include the ones you always use for cooking or you could also have variety of vegetables that you can sell in the market after you have harvested them.

With growing vegetables on your backyard, you don’t have to spend time and money going to the market. If you need anything, you just walk into your backyard and pick the vegetables you need.

As for the flowers, make sure you know how to combine the colors in order to create colorful and appealing flower gardens. Make sure you know the necessities and conditions of each plant you choose to assure their survival.

Prepare your Tools

Keep your garden tools handy. Makes sure you have a large container so your tools will be organized in one place.

Keep gloves, shears and trowels in arms’ reach to work fast and easy. Maintenance is essential to keep your garden healthy.

gardeningShade Garden

Include shade garden in your backyard. It is ideal for beginners since it is easy to maintain and do not need much sunlight.

A shade garden can do well by itself and still look good for your garden. This will help you get started with your lush garden.

Protect your Plants from Harsh Conditions

Strong and cold winds during the winter can greatly affect the growth of your plants. You can place your garden inside your house or garage and another option is to protect them from extreme weather by covering them up with your sheets or tent. There are numerous ways you can properly cover up your plants during the winter days so they can survive until spring.

Raising your Beds

There are different materials to use on how to raise your beds for proper water drainage system. You can use stone, brick and wood in order to make sturdy raised beds.

When you choose to use woods, make sure they are resistant to rot and they are not chemically-treated. This could damage the health of your plants especially if you have vegetables on the garden bed.

Put Organic Fertilizer

Organic materials such as manure and mulch should be mixed well with the soil in garden beds. Aside from being essential for the conditioning of your soil, it also keeps the weeds away and the soil can maintain moisture essential for the survival of the plants, so your flowers are healthy and blooming all-year long.

Prevent Mildew

In order to avoid mildew, one should spray plants with mixture of water and milk. Make sure milk is only a little part of the mixture.

This condition can damage your plants so you have to act immediately. Make sure to spray the mixture until the mildew disappears.

Harvest Time

Make sure you harvest on time so insects and other pests will not have the first bite on your hard work. Make sure to pick up the ripe ones and be careful in cutting them down from the plants so they can continue to grow and give you a good harvest every time.

In order to maintain healthy and fresh home-grown vegetables, fruits and flowers, you should follow these simple steps on how to take care of your garden and your plants.

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