How your Plants can survive the Cold Days?  40

Winter months are the most difficult time of the year for gardeners. Preparing the garden is very essential so your plants can still bloom on the arrival of spring.

gardeningGardening habits should also change as the season turns colder. Most importantly, you should have the skills in order to protect your garden from extreme climate.

One primary problem during winter is that the liquid inside your plants could freeze in this below-zero condition. It can damage the plant cells, leading to death of your plants. It might not have the chance to grow for the next season.

There are a few things you can do in order to maintain your garden healthy even in cold temperature:

      1. If you have banana plants in your garden, then it would be ideal to place it near wall facing north. At this position, your plant will have enough heat in order to survive. Placing banana plants on gentle slopes can also help to expand the life expectancy of the plants.
      2. Grow your own plants from the Brassica family. Vegetables in the family are high in salt so they are capable of resisting cold temperature. Cauliflowers came from the same Brassica family as well but they do not have the same ability.
        But there is a solution. To prevent frost in the leaves, tie the leaves together with the use of twine. Make sure to remove the twine so they can receive sunlight early in the morning.
      3. Create mounds around the garden bed. During winter, heaving in your yard is common. This is the time when the ground freezes and warms up when exposed to the sun and then it gradually pushes the plant out of the ground.
        This could cause uprooting of your plants. Garden beds facing the east experience this problem the most since they are the ones which receive the first sunlight. So it would be ideal to place a mound around your garden bed in order to reduce
      4. Use old pots to protect your plants. During the night, you can use these pots in order to cover your crops against the cold temperature. Make sure to remove it the next day so your plants can receive sunlight for survival.
      5. Placing your potted plants inside the shelter of your home. There are plants that are very fragile during the winter. You can place it inside your home or your garage in order to prevent them from freezing in the cold weather.

It is essential that you have prepared your garden during fall and have a thorough research on the subject on how to take care of your plants during winter days. You must have knowledge on which of your plants can survive the cold and will still bloom for the next season. As a gardener, it is your duty to maintain the health of your plants.

These are just few tips on how to approach your plants for the season. Make sure to give extra attention to your plants and give them their necessities in order to survive the winter season.

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