Japanese Gardens: Find Peace and Calmness  1

There are different types of gardening such as water gardening, indoor gardening, container gardening and herb gardening. Today, there is another type of gardening that is slowly rising to popularity. This type of gardening is what they call Japanese gardening or Nihon Teien.

gardeningThese gardens are designed to traditionally showcase the culture of Japanese, make use of garden containers and limited space. Now, they are seen in parks, landmarks and houses. Shino and Buddhist Temples have the best of these types of garden.

The Origin

Nihon Teien emerged from Heijyo and Fujiwara castle towns. It is said that the earliest garden designs highlighted the Taoism and Buddhism visions and even have the Chinese mountains. It was found in the ruins of Heijyo castle with the water passage believed to be part of a garden.

How it Became Popular?

This Japanese style garden became known because of KokanShiren. He wrote the Rhymephrose on Miniature Landscape about the gardening secrets regarding the bonsai and bonseki. He said that the secret of Japanese gardens is passed on from a teacher to his apprentice.

He also shared that everything stated in the book must be concealed from outsiders. But the book is published in different libraries in Japan, spreading the knowledge of such garden designs.

Japanese Garden Designs

Nihon Teien offers different garden designs that gardeners today use in order to improve their gardens at home. One garden design is the Tsukiyama which reflects the nature of Japan but focuses on bodies of water. Another is Kare-san-su which makes use of stone and sand elements.

Zenniwa is the garden design most found in Zen temples. The Chaniwa is a gardening design that revolves around the tea ceremony which is famous in Japan. They are usually placed outside the tea houses for “cleansing” purposes.

These Japanese garden designs prove that the Eastern people give significance to how gardens reflect the way of life. This is the reason why many gardeners make use of these designs.

Whether you are using Japanese, European or Chinese garden designs, it doesn’t matter as long as you incorporate them properly and manage to reflect the original purpose of the design. These designs not only enhance the garden but also make it a relaxing place where one finds inner peace and calmness.Garden designs are not only to be shown-off to your visitors but must also be a way to reflect your personality through your chosen design.

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