Landscaping Ideas: Opt for a Romantic Garden Haven  21

You don’t have be in a romantic mood to create your own garden haven. There are limitless ways to landscape your garden or patio into a fairy tale appeal. By having your own, you can be the wandering character of snow white passionately looking for her prince charming. Or if you already have one, then setting up a date in your garden is a great idea.


Landscaping is both tricky and enticing. To come up with great ideas, reading magazines and checking sites online can help. Also, this article will give you simple tips in landscaping your enchanted dream garden. Setting up walkways is usually the secret in making the whole setup dramatic and enthralling.


Divide Your Yard into Zones

Zoning is dividing your yard into different sections. If you have a vast garden, separating the blooming flowers from grasses using a tough edging style can create texture – use concrete or colorful flagstone pieces.


Bushes and trees properly arranged and uniformly spaced can create a forest-like appeal. The main strategy for both sides to meet is the pathway. Your pathway must be designed in a way that you are walking along lovely flowers on the side leading towards a pristine forest.


Wooden Walkway

The material in building walkways in your garden can set the mood of the landscape. Wood is softer and fragile compare to concrete, bricks and stone pieces. This can be a perfect material for your walkways instead of the usual rock slabs. This style seems traditional with nature appeal. Create straight wooden walkways or make twisting pathways to have mysterious hidden sections.


Moreover, hanging lanterns along the wooden walkways make it more romantic. It adds charm to the overall ambiance. At night when all lanterns are lighted, the view will be scenic.


Arbor Design

Your garden doesn’t have to be wide for it to become majestic like those in grand English royalty movies. If you notice that the entrance of the garden makes it totally different, you can focus in that section. Install a rustic arbor in the entrance – cover it with vines and blooming hanging plants. In this way when you enter, you feel like a princess with royal guards lining up alongside.


Cover the walkway to your garden with smoothly-paved pebbles for normal gait. In this kind of garden, choosing the right flowers to plant is essential as this will help in constructing a romantic ambiance. To add a drama, you can also create a simple circular structure in the middle of the garden, for focal purposes.


Wild Garden Look

A bending gravel pathway edged with rocks and stones towards your wild garden appear mystic. Combination of shrubs, trees and group of perennials can create this natural garden. Everything doesn’t have to be uniform, contrasting appeal of each plant can add to the wild-garden-effect.


Classic and Neat

Like the usual park where couple would love to sit for a coffee afternoon, this can be imitated in your own yard. Well-maintained low grass covered lawn with beds of perennials on the edge create that relaxing feeling. Adding a bench or maybe a couple seat will complete the look.


Nearby, you can create a winding walkway of bricks for an easy walk. To add appeal, border the walkway with the same bricks arranged vertically side by side. In this landscaping project, grasses or low covering plants are the main factor to be considered for a clean classy effect.


In this modern day, classic and fairy tale-themed garden are still trendy. It just takes a little inspiration to be able to create the garden you want. Promising landscaping ideas are essential before starting the project. Choosing the right plants and materials for the construction are the secrets to successfully create your romantic-feel garden.

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