Potato: Excellent Choice for Organic Garden  2

gardeningDue to the high prices of organic vegetables in the market, many homeowners choose to grow their own organic garden at their backyard. One of the popular choices is potato. Potatoes grow easily and they are also nutritious.

It would be a great feeling to harvest your own vegetables. You don’t have to spend time and money going to the market. You can just pick potatoes from your backyard and you have fresh and healthy supply for your dish.

Another great thing about potatoes is that you can make them grown anywhere. You can use big terracotta pots, unused barrels and old dustbins. If you start to plant your crop in spring, then you can have an abundant supply as fall arrives.

Set the Garden

Before you plant your potato, you must first check the soil if it’s too cold or moist because potatoes will not grow in this condition. Spring or early summer is the best time to start growing your crops.

They need enough sunlight in order to grow healthy. There are three different methods to plant your potatoes – container method, trench method and scatter method.

  • Container method–This method makes use of container large enough to support potato plants. However, this will limit the nutrients your plants will get from the soil.
  • Trench method–This method involves shallow channel where you will put your potatoes and fill it up with soil. Keep nurturing your potatoes until they grow.
  • Scatter method – This method requires you to scatter your potatoes around your garden. Also it involves mulching.

The best way for your potatoes to grow healthy is to water them regularly. This will give them enough nutrients in order to expand their roots and grow strong. Also make sure your soil is fertile.

When you have chosen the location of your potato garden, mix the soil with organic matter in order to condition it. Avoid using chemical fertilizer since you are aiming for healthy food.garden

Keep the “Eyes”

Potatoes are way different from other organic vegetables because they do not have seeds. They are planted as a whole potato with 2-3 eyes. The eyes will serve as opening for new potatoes to grow.

You can bury the crop as a whole or chop it into large pieces. Scatter them around the ground but make sure each has eyes. If you follow these steps properly, you can have supply of potatoes in just 2-3 months.

With potatoes growing in your backyard, you can have your own fried or mashed potatoes for your family. If you produce tasty and fresh potatoes, you can even sell them in the local market.

You can research more about improving the supply of you potatoes if you continue to sell it. This could be a great way to earn money.

Organic garden is beneficial these days as the preserved foods have been a popular choice of many but impose threat to the body. Organic foods are still beneficial not only to your health but also to your budget. Following the tips above will grant you with fresh and healthy supply of potatoes all-year round.

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