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Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips  4

organic gardeningOrganic vegetable gardening is very beneficial because it is safe for both humans and the environment and costs less or sometimes, free. If you are just a newbie in the world of organic vegetable farming or you are interested in this type of vegetable cultivation and propagation, you have to know a few tricks on this. I will be sharing with you not one, but three wonderful and useful tips in organic vegetable gardening.

Compost and Healthy Soil

The condition of the soil is very important especially in vegetable gardening. The soil is the source of the nutrients and water that the plants need to manufacture their own food. To make sure that the soil is healthy, mixing soil with compost is encouraged in organic vegetable farming.

Compost is organic matter (usually the remains of dead plants and animals or animal manure) that has been decomposed and is the key in organic farming, used as soil amendment or fertilizer. It is very rich in nutrients that plants need in order to grow healthy. It is also used to condition the soil for problems like being sandy or clay-type.

Compost can be commercially bought from organic farming stores or you can make your own compost if you want to, for free. You can prepare a composting pit at your backyard and throw everything that can be decomposed in it like dried leaves, spoiled or leftover food and let nature do its work of decaying things.

Companion Plantingcompanion planting

Companion planting is the term used in farming or gardening when two or more different crops are planted in close proximity to each other. These companion crops help and assist each other in the uptake of nutrients, pollination and the most important purpose for companion planting – pest control. Other factors that are necessary for successful gardening and increased crop productivity can be achieved with this method.

Organic Pesticides

Did you think that pesticides and insecticides are only synthetic, chemically-prepared commercial poisons? Think again. Organic farming also makes use of pesticides and insecticides to protect plants and vegetables from harmful and damaging pests and insects, but in a natural way.

Organic pesticides and insecticides are prepared from natural ingredients (mostly plant extract) to fight, kill or drive away harmful pests from crops. This is a very effective way to control plant diseases just like synthetic chemicals. What makes this idea better than commercial synthetic pesticides and insecticides is that the crops and vegetables that are used with it are guaranteed safe for human consumption.