Winter Tips on How to Make your Plants Survive the Cold  50

Winter is the time most garden beginners wonder how they can take care of their garden. Keeping your garden in good condition during cold months would require a set of special skills. It is essential to change your gardening routines as the season changes.

Plants can adapt very well as the temperature changes in their environment, but as a gardener, you should help them out. You have to make sure your garden will survive until spring and summer. Trying to revive it for those seasons would be a waste of time. So you should to have the right knowledge and right tools in order for your garden to survive during the colder months. So what are the steps you should do to protect them?

gardeningYou should:

  • Continue planting in colder months with the right type of plants. However, do not push the plants to grow in an unhealthy habitat. Plant when the ground is in good condition to dig up.
  • Mulch from autumn can be put in the soil to decay. This will protect the roots from extreme cold temperature.
  • A small amount of compost will nurture your plants and soil for the winter days.
  • If a big freeze is coming, then water your plants immediately. This will provide water to your plants before the water starts freezing. It will also add some protection to the roots from frost damage.
  • Heat is essential for the plants survival so you can put heating material as a source near your crops. You can purchase it in a garden store and put in your potted plants.  Doing this and moving your plants near or inside the house could help them survive the winter season.

You should not:

  • Put fertilizer in your plants. Fertilizer means you are encouraging your plants for growth and flowering. However, during winter your plants are in hibernate state in order to survive the winter days.
  • Overwater your plants. A healthy amount of water is enough for the survival of your plants but generally they need less than the required water in winter days.


It is essential that you follow these steps in order for your plants to hibernate in a healthy way during the extreme cold weather. These tips will condition your plants when spring comes. As the gardener, you are responsible for the health and wellness of your plants, so make sure to help your plants survive the chilly winter season.

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